Board Members


Pat Beckles
Ann S. Brown, Co-Chair, Airport Committee
Elba Buendia, Co-Chair, Capital and Expense Budget Committee
Mark Buhrmester
Muquith Choudhury, Co-Chair, Environment & Sanitation Committee
Haiko Cornelissen
Shiv Dass
Sonya Davis Roberts, Co-Chair, Public Safety Committee
Michael De Valera
Vivian Dock, Chair, Health and Social Services Committee
Margaret Dozier
Rhoda Dunn
Renetta English, Chair, Youth Services Planning Committee
Oscar Escobar
Ulrick Gedeon, Member-at-Large & Co-Chair, Public Safety Committee
Reverend Peter Herron, Co-Chair, Capital and Expense Budget Committee
Larinda Hooks
Abdur Rahim Howladar
Joyce Hucless-Julian
Kevin Hughes-Noboa, 2nd Vice Chairperson & Chair, Website Advisory & Social Media Committee
Edward Kiernan, Co-Chair, Traffic and Transportation Committee
Stephen A. Kulhanek, Co-Chair, Traffic and Transportation Committee
Marta E. Lebreton
Lisa Mesulam, Co-Chair, Education/School Facilities Committee
Andre Maloy
Violeta Morales
Richard Mullings, Secretary
Marco Munoz
Dr. Laverne C. Nimmons, 1st Vice Chairperson & Co-Chair, Education/School Facilities Committee
Potrirankamanis Queano Nur
Nuala O’Doherty
Violeta Parson-Jones
Dorothy Phelan, Co-Chair, Housing Committee
Megan Rockwell, Member-at-Large
Fausto Rodriguez
Jairo Rodriguez, Member-at-Large
Leoncio Romero, Treasurer & Chair, Budget and Personnel Committee
Tammy Rose
Edmund Rosenbaum, Chair, Business/Economic Development Committee
David Rosero, Co-Chair, Environment & Sanitation Committee
Fahad Solaiman
Lobsang Salaka, Member-at-Large & Chair, Immigration Affairs Committee
Jimmy Smith
Dawn Siff
Marlene Tapper
Frank Taylor, Chairperson of Queens Community Board 3
Arthur Teiler, Co-Chair, Housing Committee
Shanel Thomas-Henry
Hamlett Wallace, Chair, Land Use Committee
Edwin Westley

Past Community Board Chairpersons

Our past Chairpersons have played a critical role in the success of Queens Community Board 3. In honor of their remarkable achievements, it is our privilege to recognize past chairpersons of our organization.

Name Terms Served Years Served
Renetta English 3 Years 1/19/2019 1/20/2022
Philip Papas 2 Years 1/19/2017 1/19/2019
Stephen Kulhanek 3 YEars 1/19/2014 1/19/2017
Marta Lebreton 2 Years 01/19/12 1/14/2014
Grace Lawrence 3 Years 01/00/09 01/19/12
Vasantrai  M. Gandhi 3 Years 01/19/06 01/15/09
Richard  A. Cecere 3 Years 01/16/03 01/19/06
Theresa Obradovich 2 Years 01/09/01 01/16/03
Jimmy Smith 3 Years 01/22/98 01/09/01
Thomas Raffaele 3 Years 01/19/95 01/22/98
Paul Lewis 3 Years 03/19/92 01/19/95
Helen Brewster 2 Years 03/15/90 03/19/92
Matthew  J. Mc Kinley 3 Years 03/19/87 03/15/90
Judy Grubin 4 Years 01/20/83 03/19/87
Mary Vavruska 3 Years 01/17/80 01/20/83
Elton Greene 1 Year + 9mth 04/20/78 01/17/80
Walter  E. Marx 3 Years 01/16/75 04/20/78
Patrick Deignan 1 year 01/11/74 01/16/75
Martin Gallent 1 year *  1967 1968
Jeantet  P. Marino    *

Honoring members with over 20 years of service

We are honored to highlight our members with 20 or more years of service to Queens Community Board 3. Our seasoned members bring decades of experience to our agency; they know our community the best.  Our long serving members play an important role on our team, and their institutional memory is extremely invaluable. We salute them for service and commitment to our community.

Members with over 20 years of service: Vivian Dock, Jimmy Smith, Ralph Moreno, Vasantrai Gandhi, Lisa Mesulum, Hamlet Wallace, Steve Kulhanek, David  Rosero

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