Do you need a city service or want to file a complaint about an improperly delivered city service?

If you have a police, fire, or medical emergency, phone 911.

If you want assistance from the Community Board’s district office staff, call 718-458-2707, send an email to Community Board 3

Or you can contact NYC’s 311 center. The center promises to put residents in touch with dozens of city agencies. If you file a complaint with the center they will provide an incident number. Save this. If your complaint is not resolved in a reasonable time period, give this number to the Community Board and ask for assistance. (NOTE: You don’t have to be a citizen to call 311.)

As a computer user, you may want to try the website operated by the Office of the Mayor. It offers thousands of pages of well-organized information and many request and complaint forms. The site is huge and can initially seem a bit complex, but be persistent and you’ll probably find help there.

Computer users who have identified a problem and want to file a complaint online can go directly to the Mayor’s Forms Directory Center. There you’ll find a search box to help locate the proper complaint form, e.g., type in pothole. Again, it’s always good to make notes or a printout.

Whichever you choose, be sure to make notes: get the name of anyone you speak with and any complaint or reference numbers available.

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